What is a business partner in relation to; the Tama-re Traveling Market & Showcase?

To "partner" with us means; to pool our resources together, so that all involved ("our village", you, your business) can benefit economically.

How? By uniting with us, all businesses/organizations involved, can now afford things such as; venue space, advertising costs, lecture fees and all expenses attached to certain events, that one, alone, could not otherwise afford. It is important that you "partner" with us, so that "the village" and/or community at large, can afford to attend a particular event, were they most likely, due to high ticket costs, could not otherwise do so.

To be a business partner, entails the following:

  • You must; be of African/Caribbean ascent (melanted)

  • You must; own/operate your own business (no one in a position above you/no MLMs)

  • You must; be the primary decision-maker in your organization/business/company

What are is the cost for becoming the Tama-re Traveling Market & Showcase business partner?

This is the costs involved and what you get:

  • advertising every where, this money also covers a portion of ALL expenses associated with event)
  • Due at least 30 days prior to event date.


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