Requirements for becoming a host venue:

  • Must be of Afrikan/Caribbean ascent (melanated)
  • Must be the owner/operator of the business/company/venue
  • Must have a venue located in, or around, the greater Toronto area
  • Business/company/venue room must able to "easily" accommodate 50 or more people
  • Must be able to provide you space for an entire Sunday (all day, afternoon and early evening)

Benefits of becoming a host venue:

  • Automatically create a "buzz" around your business/venue/company
  • Increase traffic to your venue
  • Increase sales, as patrons will purchase your food or items for sale while visiting your venue
  • Get FREE publicity/advertisement (everywhere we advertise, there you will be)

CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US -OR- fill out the registration form below:

Host Venue Registration Form

Please note that you are agree to allow the space, at the address you have noted above, for one full day (on a Sunday)

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